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Popsicle Darts

Mom bought me a Nintendo 3DS XL + Pokemon X today, right after church. My parents usually never buy me stuff, but today was a miracle. This is the best sem-ender gift ever!! Thanks mom! I love you! Best mom ever! #HighlightsOf2014

People who say money can’t buy happiness just don’t know where to shop
- Kathy Lette


What is your fixation?

why fixation something when it isn’t brokenation. heh.

How many babies do you sacrifice per day? What kind of babies? Do they depend on ethnicity or any parametric representation of human character?

Haha, uhm.

This barrage of questions = not cool

Other than anime and sleep, what else do you enjoy doing?

Sacrificing babies to the devil and watching finding nemo on the display TVs in appliance stores.

Hmm so you're not a foodie? :|

That’s a thing? Haha, everyone’s a foodie. Everyone eats. Uhm… I’m not really too into food. Like, no big deal.

Favorite time of the day: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack?

sleep time

eating time is the devil’s work.

What are you gonna do after graduating?

Job interview po ba ito?

Are you going to be a doctor?

I don’t know. That’s the great thing about life, the uncertainty of what will happen next.

Are you asking me if I plan on becoming a doctor? If so, then no.

Define creepy (not in terms of me) :>

I think being kind of stalker-ish is kinda creepy.

Would you like me to stop now?

the creepy? yes. the asking? ikaw bahala.

Went through your FB photos... Suplado pero gwapo... then Sydney the muscle man! hmmm :))

Haha, now this is getting kind of creepy.

If, by chance, you find out who I am, how would you react? :))

Kinda sad and happy that you're graduating in a few years :((

aww why? this is confusing D:

Are you done with finals?


Have you had an ex- before?